Jennah Bell | Why You Should Be Listening

I’ve been sitting for the past week because of injury, which has afforded me the time to sit, reflect, and rework a lot of details of the daily rat race I participate in. What’s made this process incredibly permissive is the music I’ve had the blessing of coming across, most of which is from the likes of an artist fairly new to me: Jennah Bell

So, a majority of the recent content on UNI has been from a group of poets and performers,  The Strivers Row. Their most recent performance introduced me to her voice, which I’m in love with. Her message is abstract and simple all at once, while her deliverance is a pleasure to the ears, she express her sentiment in neither a whiny nor abrasive manner, only simple and sweet. Her appeals are clearly wholehearted and substantive.

. . . and of course, it doesn’t hurt that she is amazingly beautiful.

I purchased her latest compilation, Early Bird EP , which at five dollars is a solid purchase. I paid ten, but it’s worth at least 15. The album art is above, and as a complete work it’s a pretty clear and concise example of how talented she is and how she can portray her talent in a matter of a few songs. If you aren’t sold yet, please indulge in the video below. Once she’s smitten you on every dimension, check below for information on how to connect with her.

. . . . I told you. lol, salaam family.

Khalfani Lawson

Jennah Bell

Jasmine Mans, Alysia Harris, Jennah Bell: Waiting

Poems like this inspire boys to be men, and men to be better men. This artistic expression is from their most recent show “The Deans List 3”. Since I in fact made Deans List, I find it highly unfair that The Strivers Row have yet to come to Atlanta, GA. I love Jennah Bell’s voice and Jasmine Mans did her thing, as always. Congratulations to The Strivers Row and all participants on a job well done and a successful show.

Also, Alysia Harris: I know waiting is quite the pain, but i’ll be at Yale for the 17th Annual Black Solidarity Conference this February so yes . . . In the most sincere way possible I pray the wait is over soon, peace.

The Strivers Row

Jasmine Mans
Alysia Harris

Jennah Bell