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Esperanza Spalding & Other Things

Provided By Montuno Productions-Taken By Sandrine Lee

Part of the short film from Radio Music Society.

Because we did not create a grand body of work that would have taught girls and women new and visionary ways to think about love, we witness the rise of a generation of females in our late twenties and early thirties who see any longing for love as weakness.

— bell hooks, “Communion”

Welp, I’m disappointed (in jest!).
Esperanza is an amazing artist and woman, thank god her expression seems to know no boundaries.


UNESCO: International Jazz Day

The first of many, god willing, International Jazz days. Slowly but surely warming up for the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Below is a rendition of Bilal’s “All Matter” that I have had the pleasant affliction of not being able to get out of my head.


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Jennah Bell | “Yes, This is a Hold Up”

“Her voice is like syrup on waffles” – Carvens Lissaint

. . . Man, WHAT? Lmao.

I agree in a sense Carvens, Jennah Bell’s voice is amazing.
Something about her voice is incredibly refreshing.

Jennah Bell