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Esperanza Spalding & Other Things

Provided By Montuno Productions-Taken By Sandrine Lee

Part of the short film from Radio Music Society.

Because we did not create a grand body of work that would have taught girls and women new and visionary ways to think about love, we witness the rise of a generation of females in our late twenties and early thirties who see any longing for love as weakness.

— bell hooks, “Communion”

Welp, I’m disappointed (in jest!).
Esperanza is an amazing artist and woman, thank god her expression seems to know no boundaries.


UNESCO: International Jazz Day

The first of many, god willing, International Jazz days. Slowly but surely warming up for the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Below is a rendition of Bilal’s “All Matter” that I have had the pleasant affliction of not being able to get out of my head.


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Jennah Bell | “Yes, This is a Hold Up”

“Her voice is like syrup on waffles” – Carvens Lissaint

. . . Man, WHAT? Lmao.

I agree in a sense Carvens, Jennah Bell’s voice is amazing.
Something about her voice is incredibly refreshing.

Jennah Bell

FUNarios | Top 10 Things Not To Do – Valentines Day

. . . Family

LMFAO. FUNarios with another incredibly funny skit. Seriously, don’t try any of these things fellas (on a normal valentines day). I guess they thought we forgot about Valentines Day Leap Year huh? Nope. Ladies, it’s your turn. Funny concept, Check the information below for all contact information for Khiry, Lonnie, and FUNarios. Make sure to follow the participants in the video as well!


Asap Rocky + Curtis Williams + Key | ATL

Also , footage from the show from a while back with Juicy J showing Atlanta some love bringing out  Key and Curtis Williams.


Just a lot of Two 9 going on, I rock with it. Check out “Le End” from Key and “Trill Shit Only” from Curtis Williams, even if you’re late you’ll rock with em, guaranteed.