The Way She Carries Her Coffee

Philip Barlow - Glow II
Philip Barlow – Glow II

I like the way she carries her coffee.

So smooth-like.
Left hand under,
Right hand around,
Nothing careless about it,
Carefully and safely.
Reversed sometimes, but always one or the other.
With a smile sweeter than the dash of cream present.
I say ‘a dash’ because I can’t remember how much exactly.
But still,
Either way,
I always wondered why so little flavor,
Then, by the grace of God it hit me:
She’s probably something like Kahlua and Bailey’s Irish Cream.
So, there’s really no need.
It’s one of those things a brother isn’t sure he should notice, or note it.
But, it’s so significant in it’s simpleness, it’s infinite.
The small things,
Like these,
Deserve to be noted.

She takes the time if need be,
Neglecting it for a while in order to make sure her work is covered,
Productivity, before anything.
Of course.
But she always,
Takes the time to either;
A: Get more,
B: Remake,
C: Reheat,
See, she’s so sweet.
Never wasting an ounce.

I really like the way she carries her coffee.
Never too much, but just enough.
It tells me quite a bit.


Jill Scott ft. Mos Def – Love Rain (Coffee Shop Remix)

UNI Presents: …of Her

“This woman.
This vessel, was not simply a vessel,
She was, and is,  both the message and the messenger of what needed to be said
Both the point of origin, and the voyage to wherever needed to be visited.
The voice of reason that urged the change of seasons no longer removed from it’s diaphragm.

I am. If you will.

Yes, we sat and discussed.
But further, The art of conversing lead to the conclusion that our lives are convergent.
Parts of a greater whole.
Somewhere along her words I found my soul and it said:

Go. Back. To. That. Thing. That. Begs. You. To. Revisit.

…and then, revise. If need be.
If not, let it be.
The catalyst.

Beyond surface conversation,
empty eloquence,
and beautiful rhetoric sits the truth.
Waiting to be courted.

Give me your hand, and we will dance.
… as we discussed.”

Download Link > | UNI – …of Her

1. Flying Lotus – Getting There (feat. Niki Randa)
2. Blu – Amnesia (Original)
3. Jill Scott – Love Rain (feat. Mos Def, Coffee Shop Mix)
4. Esperanza Spalding – I Can’t Help It (feat. Joe Lovano)
5. Maxwell – Seguranca
6. D’Angelo – Everybody Loves The Sunshine
7. Lianne La Havas – Tease Me
8. D’Angelo – Lady (Live)
9. Mary J. Blige – Beautiful (Black Star Remix)
10. The Roots – The Notic (Live)
11. The Robert Glasper Experiment & Bilal – All Matter
12. D’Angelo – Fall In Love (Live)

A Brief Note On The Lesson: Ascension

“Boy Meets Girl” – A. Wood

A Brief Note On The Lesson,

Though in the grand scheme of things, 23 years and some change of age is but a fraction of the continuum, what remains despite the fairly short timeline is the lesson of having lived a bit and acknowledging the importance of the lesson learned. Whether or not the lesson is learned, the understanding that completeness will not be realized unless it’s learned, is undoubtedly a start.

At times, the novice provides a new paradigm to an old an worn one, respectfully of course.
So,with this being writ:

Family. Not to harp on the hideously loaded separation between Intimacy and Isolation Erik Erikson has haunted me with over the past several years, but I believe I may have escaped the cold grasp of  western epistemology in regards to how I feel, about feeling.

In my experience, Intimacy vs. Isolation never functioned successfully as exclusive entities, rather, they work best as complimentary entities balanced given the situation. The misunderstanding of the two as polar opposites coupled with the fear of moving along, is so deadly.
Deadly because the courage to move along, to move forward,  is the prerequisite of change.
And change is necessary.

In essence:

Love, sincerely.
Love, honestly.
Love, completely.

And if in fact, as this is not so secretly a brief  note to myself, let go.
At times, divine mathematics places individuals in our lives to teach us how to let go.
So as I love Intimately, I love in Isolation, in appreciation for this new found skill.

. . . . Such is the story of Boy Meets Girl.
The novice, bringing a breath of fresh air to a paradigm tempered by the experience of the old
This is our place.
Enjoy the responsibility of now,
as we redefine what it all means.

15th Floor of Joy: Love

"15th Floor of Joy" - David Garibaldi

“L’amour n’a pas de frontière.
Reste, car je t’aime comme tu es.
J’ai traversé l’océan du verbe, là je t’ai trouvé…”

– – – –

“Love has no boundaries.
Rest, because I love you as you are.
I crossed the ocean of words, then I found you….”

I’d love to agree that
As Men we need more lawyers,
And more doctors,

But I don’t.

I say we need more poets to preach to our daughters
Serenade our Mothers, you know, a drink of fresh water
We need bards, who truthfully spit bars in their honor
To no end,
No periods,
One or two comma’s.
We need more Isis,
Less rihanna.

See, words are the water that helps the planted seed take form.

I’d love to get lost in the math and science projected by another’s persona
Woman is proof that God is one hell of a mathematician
Divine Mathematics.
Praises due to whoever took their fine pointed pen
And took some time to come up with the divine that is you
What it means to be a man can easily be misconstrued
It’s difficult , but i’m glad we have someone to be warm to

And thats my position.
It feels like i’m flying
But i’m still grounded firmly where I stand
Not on cloud nine , but on the fifteenth floor
With joy being much more than i can hold in my hands…

– Oct. 2010



. . . In retrospect, this is incredibly corny, but a majority of it still stands.

Saul Williams | , Said The Shotgun To The Head

Have you ever been kissed by God? Passionately (tongue, lips, etc.)? Or are you one who simply condemns God to the realm of the invisible? When do you feel most comfortable? When do you feel most loved? Perhaps it is in the warm embrace of your lover or in the assuring touch of your mother. Perhaps, like me, you have likened this person to God in your life and realized that God was loving you through them. Or maybe you don’t believe in God. Cool.

Here’s a simpler question: Have you ever lost yourself in a kiss? I mean pure psychedelic inebriation. Not just listful petting but transcendental metamorphosis when you became aware that the greatness of this being was breathing into you. Licking the sides and corners of your mouth, like sealing a thousand fleshy envelopes filled with the essence of your passionate being and then opened by the same mouth and delivered back to you, over and over agian—the first kiss of the rest of your life. A kiss that confirms that the universe is aligned, that the world’s greatest resource is love, and maybe even that God is a woman. Withor without a belief in God, all kisses are metaphors decipherable by allocations of time, circumstance, and understanding.

– Saul Williams (2003)

. . . A rather interesting take on God from Saul Williams. Within the given framework: God becomes something much more feasible and no longer bound to the abstract and unknown. In essence, God is a woman which is expressed wholly in a matter of chapters. Deconstructed patriarchy in an eloquent way. Below I’ve listed a quote from this each section of this poem/book. Though each is a fairly potent quote, I beg of you: please buy the book. This poem in it’s proper context is simply amazing.

” I am certain I speak a new language. As is always the first sign of a new age.”

“She kissed as if she, alone, could forge the signature of the sun.
I closed my eyes
I never knew
The difference
I stood before
A brighter light
At lesser

“She and I never spoke.
We were in relationships we shouldn’t have been in.
We were sorcerers who had stored their charms in unmarked boxes because they had made our partners uncomfortable. Every day, we reported to work early in order to rest our waking eyes on last nights dream.
I had resorted to sleeping with my back to my partner.
The ball I slept curled in became the question mark I now placed within all prior commitments.
This was no teenage crush.
It was an adulthood rite.
She was what love had grown up to be: unspoken, yet shared between us.”

“Your weapons. Are phallic. All of them

The dummy
That sits on your lap
Is no longer
A worthwhile spectacle
His shrunken pale face
Leaves little room
For imagination
We have spotted
Your moving lips
And have pinned the voice
To its proper source”

“Even lifeguards drown
When the undertow breaks bread with the under belly
Demons disguised as sharks
Have not put enough thought
Into their costumes.”

“We have been forced
To create a new currency

One that will truly allow us
To love our neighbors
For reasons beyond guilt and pity”

“You wage war
On minimum wage
And the people
Purchase their delicacies
From Target

Maybe you should aim

“The truth still stands

At the dance
Waiting for you
You take her hand.”

“Her charm
Is in her silence
She speaks
In extended parenthesis.”

“To be free
Of the restraints
Of a culture
That instills the will
Of material possession and domination
Into its citizens
One must learn to honor
The substance of their materials
And the etymologcal roots
Of their findings.”

Saul Williams

Robert Glasper Experiment | Black Radio

Over the past several days or so I’ve been completely immersed in Civil Rights history (essentially, studying my tail off). When I’m studying I prefer to listen to good music, not too heavy on lyrics, but with the right feel . . . Just enough to sooth my soul. Robert Glasper’s latest effort Black Radio has slowly created a place in my iTunes study playlist as it’s own entity.

I’ll be an honest self proclaimed hip hop head and say I have heard very little of Robert Glasper, but this is why I stay connected with my peers. A good friend of mine from Morehouse suggested that I check Black Radio out and after seeing collaborations with artists of such high caliber I HAD to give it a shot. Such names include:

– Erykah Badu
– Lupe Fiasco
– Bilal Oliver
– Lalah Hathaway
– Ledisi
– Musiq Soulchild
– Stokley Williams
– Meshell Ndegeocello
– Yasiin Bey (Mos Def)

. . . Just a powerful lineup, and they definitely delivered.

Real Music is Crash Protected”

. . . In the sense that it forever remains relevant to the ever-changing sentiment of it’s listeners/believers. I even felt moved by a Lupe Fiasco verse again, I had been waiting forever but we’re back to a place where we verse. Take a listen below and check out the information of how to purchase the album. Please buy it, it’s completely worth it.

Robert Glasper Experiment

Mark Bradford: “Scorched Earth”

“In a large piece called “Scorched Earth” hundreds of tiny cut-up papers are carefully lined side by side to suggest the buildings or blocks of a city seen in aerial view. Much of the center of the city, however, is bare of such structures, and ash black as if smoldering. And, in an addition rare for this artist, the top third of the piece, representing the sky, is covered with paint, fiery red.” – Holland Cotter, 2010 (New York Times)

Hocus Pocus – “73 Touches” – Geometrie