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UNESCO: International Jazz Day

The first of many, god willing, International Jazz days. Slowly but surely warming up for the Atlanta Jazz Festival. Below is a rendition of Bilal’s “All Matter” that I have had the pleasant affliction of not being able to get out of my head.


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

Food For Thought: Baldwin on Sustainable Development

One looks again at the word famine

“. . . . At this hour of the world’s history, famine must be considered a man made phenomenon as one looks at who is starving. There is nothing even faintly ridiculous, or unfair, in these apprehensions, which are produced by nothing less than western history.

Our former guides and masters are among the most ruthless creatures  in mankind’s history, slaughtering and starving one another to death long before they discovered the blacks. If the British were willing to starve Ireland to death – which they did in order to protect profits of British merchants – why would the West be reluctant to starve Africa out of existence? Especially since the generation facing famine now is precisely that generation that will begin the real and final liberation of Africa from Europe.

It is, in any case, perfectly clear that the earth’s population can be fed if – or, rather when – we alter our priorities. We can irrigate deserts and feed the entire earth for the price we are paying to build bombs that we will be able to use, in any event, only once; after which whoever is left will have to begin what I am suggesting now. It would be nice if we could, for once, make it easy on ourselves”

- James Baldwin, The Price of the Ticket: Notes on the House of Bondage, p. 674

15th Floor of Joy: Love

"15th Floor of Joy" - David Garibaldi

“L’amour n’a pas de frontière.
Reste, car je t’aime comme tu es.
J’ai traversé l’océan du verbe, là je t’ai trouvé…”

- – – -

“Love has no boundaries.
Rest, because I love you as you are.
I crossed the ocean of words, then I found you….”

I’d love to agree that
As Men we need more lawyers,
And more doctors,

But I don’t.

I say we need more poets to preach to our daughters
Serenade our Mothers, you know, a drink of fresh water
We need bards, who truthfully spit bars in their honor
To no end,
No periods,
One or two comma’s.
We need more Isis,
Less rihanna.

See, words are the water that helps the planted seed take form.

I’d love to get lost in the math and science projected by another’s persona
Woman is proof that God is one hell of a mathematician
Divine Mathematics.
Praises due to whoever took their fine pointed pen
And took some time to come up with the divine that is you
What it means to be a man can easily be misconstrued
It’s difficult , but i’m glad we have someone to be warm to

And thats my position.
It feels like i’m flying
But i’m still grounded firmly where I stand
Not on cloud nine , but on the fifteenth floor
With joy being much more than i can hold in my hands…

- Oct. 2010



. . . In retrospect, this is incredibly corny, but a majority of it still stands.

Food For Thought: On Growing Pains

Is peace of mind attained by relinquishing the obstacle?
Is it working through the obstacle?
Is it finding a delicate balance between the two?

. . . How do I know which hurdles to hurdle?
God willing, the decision doesn’t matter.
God willing, having the courage to make the decision is the principle lesson.

Lupe Fiasco – Glory



Food For Thought: Oats & Honey

Photo courtesy of Jendaya Dash.

A couple ‘Dashes’ of Oats & Honey:

Oats and Honey is a blog for natural lovers created by two young ladies who happen to be cousins and have a love for a natural and holistic lifestyle. This blog is a community for natural lovers just like ourselves where we can share our favorite recipes and tips & tricks that we use to keep us looking like beautiful swans!

- Oats & Honey

Sugar’s has quite a long way to catch” them, for sure. I’m def staying in tune for some great tips on how to maintain a  healthy lifestyle.

Erykah Badu – Honey

Oats & Honey

Bryan Stevenson: We Need To Talk About Injustice

We have a system of justice in this country that treats you much better if you’re rich and guilty, than if you’re poor and innocent. Wealth, not culpability shapes outcomes. And yet, we seem to be very comfortable.

- Bryan Stevenson

Equal Justice Initiative

Food For Thought | Michael Awkard: Black Male Feminism

To be of any sustained value to the feminist project, a discourse must provide illuminating and persuasive readings of gender as it is constituted for blacks in America and sophisticated, informed, contentious critiques of phallocentric practices in an effort to redefine our notions of black male and female textuality and subjectivity. And in its differences from black feminist texts that are produced by individual Afro-American women, a black male feminism must be both rigorous in engaging these texts and self-reflective enough to avoid, at all costs, the types of patronizing, marginalizing gestures that have traditionally characterized Afro-American male intellectuals’ response to black womanhood.

- A Black Man’s Place in Black Feminist Criticism,  Michael Awkward, pg. 62

From, “Still Brave: The Evolution of Black Women’s Studies”