Jesse Boykins III | Light to Dark (Video)

I love the emotion JB3 showed throughout this whole video. Beautifully crafted video, even more beautifully crafted track.

‘Light to Dark’– The song resonated with me, both its abstract definition of “Light to Dark” and its lyrics:  a testament to global socio-political events and ethical dilemmas. As a fan of music and art, I appreciate that this song is saying something new instead of beating the same drum and coming up with the same message.I asked Jesse how he would describe this song and he said it was his interpretation of what John Lennon’s “Imagine” would sound like if he grew up in our environment, time and culture.  Reimagining such an iconic song sounds daunting, but justified nonetheless.

– Director, Joshua Kissi of Street Etiquette.

Photo courtesy of Street Etiquette

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